Hot wet sex in the summer

IMG_4612 With the busy life I lead I just havent had the chance to post in ages, but with the weather so hot and sticky at the moment, I have been wearing less and less to work, and going by the reactions my dresses are getting, I thought It only right to share some pictures with you.

Some days it’s been so hot, I haven’t even bothered with wearing knickers. It’s such a sexy feeling to have your pussy exposed to the world without anyone knowing. Its also much easier to give it a sly little rub under my desk when I’m feeling horny, especially when I know I have caused a hard on or two.

As you know I’m a real tease and today I wore this short thin black dress with some sexy high sandals, and a tiny thong  I think it got a general seal of approval at work, especially when I had to use the printer 🙂  When I bend over, it just skims the bottom of my ass.


IMG_4614I have been feeling horny all day and by the time I got home, I literally jumped on my hubby. He lifted my dress up and started sucking on my hard nipples and fingering my already wet pussy. I was so worked up, I came really quickly, he had me creaming all over his fingers within no time at all.

He took great pleasure in rubbing my juices all over my  face and made me lick my cum off his fingers as he bent me over, pulling my knickers to one side and buried his hard cock deep into me from behind whilst slapping my ass and calling me a prick teasing slut.

My pussy was still tingling from cumming on his fingers, and feeling him banging me hard and deep from behind was too much for me and afew minutes later, I came hard again with his cock inside me.

IMG_4615He wasn’t finished with me and got down on his knees to lick my ass and pussy from behind, and thankfully for me, only stopped when we were interupted by the doorbell.

Hopefully I will get time to post some more pics soon.

For now x

Hot Indian Honey.





Dressed up and nowhere to go…













Hi all!
After too long a break, and too much time off from posting I have finally found the time to share some more of myself with you.
Thanks so much for all the lovely comments..I get so wet and horny reading them and hearing about what you want to do with me.
These pics were taken on a horny night in trying on some of my birthday presents.
I love nothing more than to get all dressed up and get my hubby to eat my pussy as I read all your naughty comments..and imagine myself in front of you rubbing my pussy as you play with your hard cocks until you can hold back no longer and shoot all over my body covering me in hot spunk.
I love to grab his head and grind my pussy into his face and wrap my legs around his head forcing him to suck harder, as he fingers and licks my ass too
He is very talented with his fingers and made me squirt twice that night.He gets my G spot everytime…and makes sure I lick his fingers clean afterwards… my pussy is so very sweet.

I’m thinking of making my first video for you all, so please let me know what you would like to see me doing.. the naughtiest suggestion go to the top of the list !

Indian Honey

Unzipped in public



20120908-105939.jpg I thought you might enjoy some self shots I took whilst out last week. I was wearing a tight stretchy skirt which zips right up the front,with a fitted black top. It got more than a few people hot under the collar judging by some of the looks I got.
As you may or may not know I get a real thrill from risky sex in public and I was feeling so naughty, I couldn’t resist popping into the ladies to give myself a quick rub.
I was already wet as I began working my fingers into my pussy, trying not to make any noise I stood against the cubicle door with my skirt unzipped and g string pulled to one side, rubbing myself to orgasm
Just a i came i had to bite my lip as I heard a couple of ladies come into the toilet talking loudly, the fact they were the other side of the door added to my excitement as I creamed all over my fingers.
My legs were trembling and as i got myself together,I couldn’t resist popping my fingers into my mouth and tasting my sweet cum. My knickers were soaked and ended up in my bag for the rest of the day.
I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them…

I’m just spoilt.

I’m such a lucky girl in that I have a hubby who just loves making me orgasm, with this in mind and the fact that i’m lucky enough to be able to come repeatedly when having sex, he takes every opportunity to make me cum using his mouth and fingers as well as his cock.And often in the most unlikely places.
He has rubbed and fingered and licked me to orgasm everywhere from the car to clubs and bars and even at a wedding.
Often in public he will sneak up behind me and rub my pussy while i’m standing and try and make me cum on his fingers,till I go weak at the knees,he literally takes the orgasm from me, whether I want to cum on not.He says it really gets him hard watching me try and act normally afterwards knowing that he has just made me cream all over my gstring. He loves to pull them up right between my pussy lips,and rub my clit through them as he knows it drives me wild.
I like nothing more than to lie back and let him feast on my pussy, the feeling of his mouth sucking on my clit and his tongue licking deep inside me gets me so hot I have often grabbed his head and ground myself all over his face as I cum, smothering him and covering his nose and mouth with my juices.
He knows I love to have my pussy lips sucked and gently bitten, while having two fingers deep inside my pussy rubbing my gspot is the fastest way to make me squirt, Sometimes he makes me cum so hard that I can hardly fuck him afterwards.It’s a good thing he is so understanding! although some of you may think he is just lucky to be able to be able to taste me.

Honey x

All wrapped up…

Firstly to all the horny followers of my blog. Let me start by apologising for my lack of posts, and secondly, thank you all for the sexy messages you have been sending me. I love reading them and they get my pussy more than a little wet and I promise I will be writing back to all of you.
I have been so busy recently with work..and play, that I haven’t found the time to get my adventures down on the blog. Well this weekend I had a very naughty night in thanks to hubby.He made sure we had the house to ourselves.
We had been out shopping during the day, and I made sure he walked around with a hard cock by dressing in a pair of seamed stockings with a black suspender belt, matching bra and g string, with a pair of heels which I flashed at him whenever I had the chance. I love watching him struggle to keep his hard on hidden in his jeans. At one point he disappeared for a few minutes and returned with a very naughty grin on his face and told me I was going to “get it” later for being such a prick tease.
On the way home in the car he made me pull my skirt up so my stockings were exposed and watched me rub my smooth pussy for him whilst he told me his plan for the evening. He had managed to find a sex shop and bought a roll of latex tape and he also something else which he told me was a surprise.
When we got in he went off to the kitchen and when he returned he had a naughty look in his eyes and explained a friend had given him some kind of sexual stimulant which he had mixed into my drink and I should finish it all. He did the same and as we got comfortable whatever we had taken began to work. I started to feel really dreamy and also very very horny.
He pulled my skirt up and lay me back on the sofa legs wide and began kissing the inside of my thighs and my pussy through my gstring.
My clit was throbbing and I couldn’t resist rubbing it gently as I watched him pull my string to one side and bury his tongue in my wet pussy. He gave me a look of pure filth as he sucked my clit into his mouth. I could feel an orgasm building up inside me as I felt his fingers begin pushing into my ass I grabbed the back of his head and ground it hard into my pussy, I came hard with his mouth locked over my pussy and his fingers deep in my ass.As he came up for air his nose and mouth were wet with my juices..
I was still recovering as he wasted no time in getting his cock out and burying it deep inside me, he began fucking me with hard deep strokes until he pulled out to show me his shiny cock covered in my cream.
I felt like all my senses were heightened and every thrust made me feel like I was going to cum again. As he turned me over and buried his face into my ass from behind,he held my arms behind my back and I felt his tongue push deep into my ass hole. I squirmed as he spanked my ass and told me I was going to pay for being such a prick tease earlier.
He led me upstairs to the bedroom and having first tied my hands he proceeded to make me a new outfit out of the latex tape he had bought earlier
He wrapped it around my tits squeezing them together really tight, and then made me the tinniest of skirts completely from the red latex tape.
I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror,all dressed up like his little fuck doll and felt every inch the slut as he made me parade myself for him, whilst he sat playing with his wet cock.
I climbed on top of him and got into a 69 and sucked on his cock as I ground my latex covered pussy all over his face. It felt like i was having one long orgasm as we fucked and sucked long into the night.
I finally got to bed around 5am feeling tired and satisfied.
I still have no idea what he gave me but I look forward to him getting some more and going out somewhere feeling as horny as I did.
Honey x

What is it about fishnet?

This morning knowing I had important meeting at work, I decided to dress for the occasion in a figure hugging black number with a low neckline, sexy net tights and a pair of heels.The dress crosses all the way up the front which shows lots of leg when I sit down. During the meeting I caught two of the guys staring intently at my legs, and realised the split in front of the dress had opened up, so a good amount of thigh was on clear view.I decided to tease them and pretended not to notice. I wondered if they would have to adjust themselves when they left the meeting, the thought of it made me damp.
After several other suggestive comments over the rest of the day,it got me wondering what is it about fishnet that gets guys so hot under the collar?
When I got home,my hubby took one look at me, and within seconds had slipped his hands into the front of my dress, and began squeezing and slapping my ass through the net. I told him what happened and asked him what was about fishnet that guys like?. He told me I would get the answer if I came to bed wearing it.
I dressed for bed in my new fishnet body stocking, and as he lay naked on the bed he made me slowly slide my body all over him, rubbing my legs and tits over his chest and back, my nipples were hard and poked through the net as he sucked on them and played with my tits and pussy.He got me on all fours and kissed and licked my pussy and ass from behind, once I was nice and wet he fucked me deep and hard, and then lay back as I got on top and bounced on him, creaming his cock with every stroke.Each time I came I was ordered to suck my juices off his cock,and after my third orgasm!,I lay back and wrapped my net covered tits around his cock and wanked him until he shot a big load all over my tits and neck.
After we had recovered, he explained to me,that for some men, the visual image of seeing fishnet conjured up all sorts of naughty thoughts of what else I may or may not be wearing under my clothing, and how nice it was to feel the net against my smooth skin
I thought you might want to see the outfit and decide for yourselves
Honey x

Ass watching at the gym

I have just got back from the gym and thought I must write a post to let you know how I’m feeling at the moment. My visits to the gym are always eventful as there is an endless number of guys who like nothing more than to stare at my ass whilst I work out.However today it was me doing all the staring, As I began my yoga class, I noticed a very good looking lady on my left hand side, she was wearing a baggy t shirt and shorts. I noticed she had long tanned legs,and even with a t shirt on I noticed she had a nice shapely ass. Her hair was tied back in a bunch. She looked over and smiled at me as we continued the class , I smiled back, and as I started my routine I carried on glancing over thinking to myself, that she was exactly the type of lady I would like my first lesbian experience with. I often find myself thinking about what kind of ladies I find attractive and as I carried glanced over again, I wondered how many women have a secret bi side, and how sometimes my urges to be with another woman are so strong, that I find my pussy getting moist at the sight of a hot looking woman.I suppose my ideal woman would be a lady as shapely as me, and experienced so she could really lead the way.
After my workout,I took a quick swim and decided to go for a steam. As I entered the steam room I saw the same lady that I had seen on the running machines, except this time,we were both wearing only towels and bikinis.I sat down and as I removed my towel I could feel her eyes checking out my body.I said hello again, and we exchanged small talk about the gym facilities. I couldn’t help but look at her body and imagine it pressed up against my own, I found my pussy beginning to tingle and my clit harden.
As I enjoyed the heat of the steam. I so wanted to rub my pussy right there, but I resisted the temptation, till I got home.
As soon as I got home and I lay on the bed with my top off and began rubbing my pussy whilst squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples, I imagined having another pair of tits pressed up against mine and a pussy to lick and play with. I rubbed my clit and buried 2 fingers deep inside my pussy,as I squeezed and pinched my nipples, they were so hard as I imagined a 69 with the girl at the gym. Rubbing my wet pussy,I came really hard in no time at all,and licked my sweet juices off my fingers, as I came back to earth.I just wonder if all pussy’s taste as sweet as mine!
I thought you might like a peek at how hard my nipples get when I cum.

Honey xxx